Floor & Upholstery Cleaning Services in Des Moines, Iowa

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Pro Cleaning And Restoration from Johnston, Iowa, will tell you that the biggest differences in steam cleaning is the power of the suction, the water pressure, and the temperature of the cleaning solution. Most carpet cleaners use truck-mounted units, which provides mediocre suction and solution temperatures, at best. Temperature and suction are the keys to delivering a deep cleaning, without having to use pre-sprays. Pre-sprays are a dead giveaway of lack of horsepower in a truck-mounted unit.

Drying time is also a factor in good carpet cleaning. Truck-mounted units don't have the ability to extract the amount of water they put out. This prolonged dry time will lead to reappearing stains. Carpet Pro Cleaning And Restoration uses true truck powered cleaning. This means we have bigger pumps, which provide greater suction and higher temperatures. Our truck powered equipment extracts 95% of the moisture put out. The heat for suction and drying is provided by the engine's exhaust. This means temperatures can reach 270 degrees.

Deep cleaning and less dry time are the two keys to great carpet cleaning.
Cleaning dirty carpet - Carpet Cleaning & Restoration in Johnston, IA

V8 Power Cleaning

Most truck-mounted cleaning units do not produce enough heat nor vacuum power needed for a deep clean. Their power source is a 15-25 horsepower gas engine that runs at one speed. It also has a heat range from 10-160 degrees. In steam cleaning, when you lack power you must use chemicals to make up for the difference.

Carpet Pro Cleaning And Restoration makes its own truck powered equipment that runs on V8 power, coming straight from the transmission. The cruise control allows us to set the suction and heat to our desire. The large power source allows us to have the vacuum power for extra long runs of the hose, for extra-fast drying time, and less chance of reappearing spots. This plus the 270-degree continuous flow, sets us apart from other cleaning companies. There's no need for pre-sprays. Call us today at 515-222-0091, to schedule a cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning

Vacuum cleaning - Carpet Cleaning & Restoration in Johnston, IA
Carpet Pro Cleaning And Restoration has a custom designed cleaning truck. We are able to adjust the power of the cleaning tools, as well as the cleaning temperature. This unique quality gives us an advantage over many other cleaning trucks.

The ability to control the temperature and power helps provide much better cleaning accuracy. It also lets us pay attention to the different materials we are cleaning, to allow for further specialization for the specific needs. Our ability to change our power and temperature settings allows us to avoid bleeding or melting any delicate materials. We also have many hand tools to help us get small items, into corners, and other tight spaces to provide the quality of cleaning your items need.
Standard upholstery cleaning services that Carpet Pro Cleaning And Restoration offers includes:
  • Furniture
  • Car Interiors
  • Boats
  • Campers
  • Office dividers
  • Purses/handbags
  • Bean bags
  • Area rugs
A quality cleaning can make your upholstery look brand new for less cost than buying brand new items. Give us a call at 515-222-0091, for an estimate on your cleaning job.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Many cleaning companies use generators or other machines to power their equipment. The problem with using them is not being able to provide a consistent level of heat or power. This leads to slower and less effective cleaning.

Carpet Pro Cleaning And Restoration has all truck powered equipment. This allows for stronger pressure and hotter water for a better overall clean. We can use bigger pumps and more horsepower, which allows for a deeper clean. All of our equipment is built and managed in-house. This leads to less maintenance costs, and we can ensure all our equipment is working at peak performance.
Machine cleaner for floor - Carpet Cleaning & Restoration in Johnston, IA
The hotter your water is, the cleaner your tile and grout will be. Carpet Pro Cleaning And Restoration has water kept at a constant 270 degrees in order to get deep in every nook and cranny. First, a spray-on cleaning chemical will be used on the tile to loosen the dirt on both the tile and the grout. After a five-minute wait, the tile is then power washed, using a spinning brush similar to those seen in car washes. We then use a specialty vacuum to suck up all the dirt and excess water. Once that's finished, we apply a high-quality sealer to protect the tile and grout from spills, dirt, wear and tear, and anything else thrown at it.

Odor Control

There are few things more frustrating than having a clean home or business, yet still having a lingering odor. That's where Carpet Pro Cleaning And Restoration can help you! We have three odor control methods that we use to rid your space of odors once and for all.

Ozone Machines

  • Ozone destroys the odor causing molecules, bacteria, spores, and whatever else is creating the unpleasant smell.
  • Ozone (O3) is a reactive molecule and reacts quickly with different particles. O3 has an extra oxygen atom that it attaches to other molecules, changing their structure. These new molecules are odorless.


  • Fogging is a way of recreating the conditions which caused the odor, and then eliminates the odor causing molecules by replacing them with new molecules.
  • There are different types of fogging, such as Wet or Cold, Hot or Thermal, or Vapor Diffusers.

Deodorizing Cleaners

  • Many cleaners have a deodorizing aspect already added in, but if they do not, one can be mixed in manually. Ask for more details.
There are many ways to get rid of odors, but the most effective way is to not let them invade in the first place. Here are some ways to keep those odors from forming:
  • Invest in efficient ventilation
  • Keep your home or business clean - take garbage out quickly, keep sinks and dishes clean, clean spills right away
  • Control the indoor humidity to avoid mold and mildew.